Termite & Fumigation

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Rely on us for tent fumigation services in the Tampa, FL area

Trust the Termite Control Experts

If you think your home or office has a termite problem, you need to act fast. Termites can cause serious damage to your property and should be addressed by a skilled professional. Pestex Services Inc. offers termite control services in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas.

Our team can set up a fumigation tent around your property to knock out your termite problem at the source. The fumigation process is highly-regulated, and we follow careful safety guidelines to keep your property safe. Contact us today to arrange for tent fumigation services.

Put a stop to your termite problem

Not sure if you need termite control services? Here are some signs that you might be dealing with a termite issue:

  • You can hear clicking sounds coming from the walls
  • You've noticed discarded insect wings around your house
  • You see blisters in your wood flooring

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